Kay (AKA Safari Kay) is a photographer and experienced travel agent. Over ten years ago she became interested in wild life photography as she snapped hundreds of pictures on her first trip to Africa. Now that is one of her favorite destinations for not only spectacular backdrops and photos, but to see and feel the true beauty of nature.

Safari Kay has traveled to various regions and countries in Africa to capture some of the most captivating sunsets and phenomenal wildlife photos. Her fascination this closer to virgin nature of existence where animals roam free without borders (well almost) is depicted in her many photos.


Baby, mother impala on the Serengeti in Tanzania

Her original exposure to these animals in natural habitat and essentially non-interference by man turned to excitement as she can now share her many safari experiences with you through her photographs and gifts. The collection includes: authentic photo images of animals in the wild, primarily seen in Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana Africa, and nature at it’s best.

She has ingeniously incorporated her photos into handmade items and crafts which she displays and sells at craft fairs and other events. If you want to see images of the various wildlife of Africa, flowers from her flower garden, or other travel images view from links here. She adds recent photos to each of those sites after she returns home from her safaris.

Kay no longer sells her photos, except by special order.

Kay’s, camera is always clicking. Well almost always. She lost one of her cameras on her recent African Dream Safari while riding in a Jeep over rugged dirt roads somewhere in South Africa. It was loaded with images… ones no one will ever see. The camera was never found.

Never content with the ordinary, Kay tries to capture the uniqueness of an animal, a waterfall, a flower, the landscape or whatever catches her eye.

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