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  1. As I continue to travel throughout East, Southern and South Africa, I continue to be amazed at what this continent has to offer. On this trip, beach, lakes, rivers, solitude, boating, yachting, flying, safari-ing, chimp trekking, some of everything. Almost anything you can do here in the good old USA, it’s available in Africa. It is one more indication of why Africa is not the negative image one receives in the news, almost daily. I learned so much on this trip and each trip I take, I learn more and more. I urge you to dig deep and travel with me, gain insight into the African heart and you will find a land that you will continuously want to return to. Upcoming trips to Botswana and Zambia will, of course, be more trips to select from, as you consider what part of Africa you’d like to visit, for your first trip, or even your fourth. Join me.

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