Africa Tips for Trips – 2



South Africa 2010 trip.

Weight restriction for this trip is the same as your transatlantic flight, generally 50 lbs. However, at some point, you may be handling your own luggage, so it is advisable to pack as light as possible still.

GIFTS: Please don’t indiscriminately hand out pens, money and sweets to children. It just encourages begging. Gifts should be given as a true expression of friendship or where there is true need. Some drivers appreciate hats from your neck of the woods, so this would be an appropriate gift if you would like to bring something.

SHOPPING: Don’t be afraid to haggle at roadside curio stalls but also remember that for many people, this is the only way they make their living. If in doubt about something, check with your tour director or guide/driver.


Cameras and Chargers –
Repellents, Sun Tan Lotion
Malaria Medication
Ladies – No purses necessary, just bag, backpack etc. for your essentials, including
Hat, Sunglasses
Two long pants, two short
Shirts, T-shirts, tops,
Sweater, heavier sweater
Hiking Boots or Tennis shoes, sandals
Possibly lightweight umbrella
Handiwipes, or Tissue, small plastic baggie to keep used wipes in, when out in the bush
small lotion, any other liquids, eye drops, sanitizer, you might need on safari
Small Mag Lite and/or Book Lite and Torch

CLOTHING: Dress is casual. Shorts and trousers are permissible for women. Many hotels have swimming pools, so remember to bring a bathing suit. In summer, lightweight, light-colored cottons or materials that wick away moisture are preferable. LAUNDRY is most often free in camps, but traditionally throughout Africa, it is considered an insult to ask any camp/lodge to clean any undergarment or lingerie. Please be mindful of them when requesting laundry services. Avoid synthetic materials and black clothing, as they increase perspiration and discomfort.

In winter, bring a pair of trousers, long-sleeved shirts or blouses and pullovers. Make sure you have a very warm jacket for early mornings and evenings – it does get surprisingly cold at night but warms up during the day.


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