Africa Tips for Trips – 4



South Africa 2010 trip (continued)

Your safari will usually consist of a morning drive, an afternoon drive and possibly a night drive. PLEASE be considerate of those in the group, and switch off on which seats you take. Although everyone will have a window seat, it would be appropriate to shift seats or ask on the various drives. Sometimes, if everyone is satisfied, there may be no need to switch, but it is always appropriate to consider your fellow passenger.

Remember when asking the driver to stop, you are asking so YOU have a better view. Please keep in mind that sometimes, this may not be the best vantage point for everyone in the vehicle. The driver will stop when asked, and if your vantage point is not good, he will be sure that everyone in the vehicle is in a position to capture a photograph and spend the kind of time you wish to spend.

Please do not stand while the vehicle is in motion, and if the vehicle is stopped, be sure and make sure it’s okay to stand. Sometimes, standing will create more attention to the animals. The driver will signal if it’s okay to stand when stopped. Please do not make a lot of noise or talk loudly when around animals, as this will only scare the animals away!

Do not wear bright colors like red, especially in open vehicles. It is also advisable not to wear white. You don’t want a situation where animals are attracted to the color, or in the alternative, where animals run away from the color. Earth tones are appropriate. Bring a sweater, on safari, you may be out early and it could be cool, or may be back late after the sun goes down.

Be careful when climbing off or onto the vehicle. Please hold on and be mindful that it can be very slippery when climbing off/on.

Be mindful of the times. Safari times can be EARLY, i.e., 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. Please be on time and ready to go. Morning tea/coffee is available, so please ensure you are up timely to take advantage. Animals are more active early in the morning and late afternoons. It is important to be on time when our driver tells us what time we will meet. You will either have breakfast before you leave or have coffee and biscuits before you go and breakfast when you return. Most often you will have someone coming to wake you up at a specified time.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Destined to Travel prior to traveling and my office will make every attempt to respond to your questions and provide you with required and necessary information.


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