Shots/Immunizations/advisories: Recommended shots/medication are hepatitis, tetanus and malaria prophylactics. There are three different types of malaria medication, all of them administered differently, you should know the differences and decide which one is right for you. MALARI IS ENDEMIC BUT PREVENTABLE.

Please consult with your physician and the following websites:

NOTE: For travel to Africa, please ensure that your passport has a minimum of two blank Visa pages facing each other for each entry. (MUST have the word VISA to enable entry permit to be issued. Passport must be valid at least six months beyond the intended period of stay in Africa.

TIPPING: Carry about $100.00 in one dollar bills (fresh, crisp and clean). US currency is readily accepted. However, you should consider exchanging a minimum amount into local currency, before your departure or at the airport. When bringing US currency into the country, it is important to only bring CRISP bills minted in 2006 or later. Bills that are torn, written on, crinkled, are generally not accepted. Tipping is appropriate for porterage and services at your camp/lodge. Your driver- guide should be tipped separately.

GRATUITIES FOR YOUR DRIVER-GUIDE SUGGESTED AT a minimum of $100 USD PER PERSON for a 10-day trip. You are welcome to give more, At your accommodations, be sure and ask if there is a central location for ‘house’ tips.


CREDIT CARDS: Africa tends to accept VISA over MasterCard and American Express less often. Traveler’s Cheques are not readily accepted. Many market vendors will only accept Tanzania Shillings, so you might want to exchange when you arrive. You cannot obtain TZ shillings prior to arrival.

ELECTRICITY: Be sure and bring your currency adapters for the specified country AND a torch (flashlight). If you have a small laptop, this might be convenient. Internet access is sometimes available.

LUGGAGE: Pack with flexible luggage. On some routes, there are strict weight restrictions. This is because we will be traveling internally in Africa on small bush planes, so adhering to the weight restrictions is a matter of safety. Please pay attention to these restrictions to avoid having your luggage separated. If you are carrying electronics, it is advisable to pack any electronic equipment, including chargers, extra batteries and memory cards in your carry-on luggage.

REPACKING: Weight Limitations for International travel is 50 lbs, generally ONE bag plus carry on. When there is an internal flight with weight restrictions, you may have to repack once you arrive, depending on your itinerary, to meet the weight restriction. Excess luggage will remain at the last accommodations, to be arranged, if this is appropriate. Please check with your travel planner. If you have been provided a bag in which to repack, please use it or something similar.


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