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  2. For a number of years, Kay has planned international tours, cruises and scheduled airline reservations for me and a number of my friends. Personally, I appreciate a travel agent who has a propensity for detail. She keeps me informed of cultural customs, local activities, weather conditions and essential paper work. I especially welcome the up to date E-mails regarding any future tours. With Kay Trottman as your tour agent, all you have to do is pack. Now, if she will consider adding packing consultant to her resume, I’ll no longer look as though I’m relocating.

  3. The package Kay put together last spring to South Africa was, as far as I was concerned, perfect. It was the right combination of beautiful cities, history, big game drives. The accommodations were excellent – especially the camps. The most beautiful rooms right in the middle of the bush with superb service. We were so pampered after a day of bouncing around in the game vehicles. The guides were the best and made sure we saw it all, right up close. Cape Town and the tour of the coast, the views of Table Mountain, the penquins, the wine country; the history of Johannesburg and Robben Island. It was the perfect combination of sights and experiences. A few of us went on to Victoria Falls (Livingstone, Zambia) which Kay also arranged. Again, perfect accommodations and tour guides greeted us and took care of us every step of the way.

  4. I have travelled with Kay three times in the past two years. 1st to Tanzania in March 2007, 2nd to Italy in September 2007, and then back to Tanzania in July 2008. All of them have been the most amazing trips of my life. The total package that Kay put together was PERFECT, maximazing our money and time to enjoy all the “MUST SEE” sites (places and things). Thrilling, mindblowing, breathtaking, and life-changing are just a few adjectives that comes to mind when I think of my African Safari experience. Imagine being under a tree with an unassuming Leopard looking down at you, or witnessing millions of wildebeests and zebras migrating, or going on a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti, or observing a pride of lions as they scope their next prey. WOW! Oh…I can go on and on, but these are things that must be experienced personally in order to be one with nature, and appreciate the beauty of the wild. I really can’t wait to go back in 2010. Yes, that’s right. My fiancee and I are going back to Tanzania, and this time we will end our trip relaxing at the beautiful coastal waters of Zanzibar. We are definitely looking forward to more fun and wild times on Safari with Kay. Thanks for everything Kay. We love you.

  5. I had been hearing about Kay’s travels for many years, but never ventured anywhere during that time. Finally after all the interesting talk about Africa and all the safaris Kay has gone on, I was convinced to go on a safari with her.

    That was one of the best moves I ever made. The trip and african safari was really very exciting and a one-of-a-kind event in my life. It felt so good to be out in the wild in Africa with all the wild animals in their natural environment. Each day was a different adventure.

    Before I went I thought that once I had seen one elephant that I had seen them all. I was wrong. Not just about elephants, but all the animals and birds we saw. Each sighting had a story of its own. In addition to seeing a myriad of animals on the ground we took a short Balloon Safari over the Serengeti which was a highlite of the trip. I had such an enjoyable time I will be going on another African Safari with Kay in a year or two.

    If you never imagined yourself on an African safari (I didn’t) think again. It just might be the trip of your life.


  6. Lorilie Lauayan and Kenneth Golden

    Since my last comments, I have taken two more African Safari trips with Kay. In November 2009, we went to Kenya and what a treat that was for my BIRTHDAY!!! Though I have been to a couple of safari in Tanzania, this experience was as exciting and mind-blowing. Our journey began in Nairobi. We visited the David Sheldrick’s Elephant Trust where I adopted a baby elephant named Kilaguni, Giraffe Center at the Giraffe Manor, and Karen Blixen Museum. We also did a little shopping at the Village Marketplace and Kazuri Beads and Pottery. Then, we did our safari in Amboseli and Maasai Mara where we saw everything that you can imagine. We saw so many cats…lions, cheetahs, leopards and their babies. Ooops, almost forgot about the black rhino…what a beauty!

    In June 2010, as promised, my fiancee and I went back to Tanzania with my parents and Kay. Oh, how the people we befriended missed us and treated us like part of the family. We had such a blast with our driver-guides Fabian and Adam, and partied in the middle of nowhere in Serengeti with the And Beyond crew. What more could you ask for…well, we also saw lions mating and have pictures to prove it. We ended our journey at the beach resort of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is spectacular with its white sand beaches and warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Visited a few tourist sights such as the prison island, and did a lot of shopping. What more could we ask for…PERFECT TRIP!

    THANKS KAY for putting together an INCREDIBLE package. Once again you’ve out done yourself. For Kenneth and I, each safari experience has been as amazing, if not, more amazing than the previous ones. They have forever changed our lives and we would do them all over again. Until our next journey to Australia/NewZeland/Fiji which is only 2 weeks away. No doubt this too will be a remarkable and an unforgettable experience for us!!!

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