Memories of my Safaris

This page is dedicated to YOU the loyal safari adventurers that have taken the rare and exciting step of meeting nature full force in an African Safari.

An African safari is an experience you will not forget. Those of you that have expressed to me during and after a safari have all felt that way. Many people who have gone on a safari want to go back again. It’s contagious and each safari is a distinctly different adventure – even if you go back to exactly the same place as before. Several that have taken a safari with me (yes I accompany you) spare no expense (it’s reasonable and not outrageous) and opt to go again on another safari.

In fact two of the safari adventurers who went with me last year on a safari are going again on my June 2008 safari. I will be adding pictures (if I have them) on this page of those who went on a safari with me. If you’d like your picture here and I don’t have it submit it to me for inclusion here.

I will also include photos of some of my other travelers that took tours with me to other places, for example, Paris, Italy, Rio de Janeiro, etc. So if you have gone with me anywhere please submit your photo too.

Thanks, Kay

Note from the Administrator
Safari Kay is on safari so often it is virtually impossible to keep these memories up to date. So don’t feel slighted if your particular safari images are not on here. Some more recent safari and other destination images are located HERE.


Marsha - Lorilie - Kay

Three on a jeep. Lorilie – Kay – Marsha


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