Tanzania Safari


Tanzania Safari – The Best Attractions in Southern Tanzania

Author: Gerald Kanyingi

by Karl-Heinz Straus

The Tanzanian southern circuit comprises of the Selous Game reserve, Mikumi National park and Udzungwa National park. The Selous reserve is one of the biggest game reserves on the continent of Africa. The large scores of visitors have left no permanent mark on the natural setting of the game reserve. Exclusivity is synonymous with this reserve. It got its name from the renowned British game hunter and conservationist Sir Fredrick Selous who died in that territory in 1917.

The seleous game reserve is served by rivers Rufiji, Ruaha and Kiliombero. This reserve supports a big population of the big five plus wildebeest, zebra, bush buck. The vegetation comprises of dense of miombo and Mopane thickets, expansive plains and a large selection of trees with thick evergreen bush along the riverine areas.

The Selous game reserve provides open roofed 4wd safari vehicles though one could opt for foot safaris, hiking and fly camping. […]

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