African Safari Travel Question

African Safari Travel Question; Should We Stay or Go?

By ‘Safari’ Kay

African Sunset

That seems to be the question on many people’s minds, after the recent attacks, both in Turkey, Belgium, Paris and other areas around the world. We live in different, often dangerous times, but we continue to live our lives and go through our daily routines, in spite of it.

Yet, there are those travelers, and potential travelers who had plans to travel, who decide, it’s not safe to travel.. The question then arises, should we stay or should we go? Some believe that IF, they have travel insurance, they will receive a full refund. Think again.

Travel Insurance may not always provide coverage if you cancel. There usually has to be specific criteria, or the company in which you are traveling with, initiates a cancellation.

If you change your mind or just decide you’re not traveling, most likely the only way you’ll get a full refund, is if you have a cancel for any reason clause.

As a travel agent, I am faced with these questions more and more. Many travel groups, with large and small companies are based on numbers, so if the groups drop below, others have to pick up the slack and pay more.


A Waterbuck in Tanzania Africa

That could result in cancellation of the entire group. When an event triggers that should we stay or should we go question, think about it before you make a decision to cancel.

As in a trip I traveled on, it could be much safer if you just went ahead with your plans and enjoyed the trip that you’ve saved up for and were looking forward to. See that sunset, relax on that beach, enjoy your safari, and basque in that enjoyment.

I recall my first trip to Kenya, and my travel mate, if she’s reading this will also remember. Shortly before our trip, there was a bombing of the US embassy in Kenya and in Tanzania, simultaneously. Many people were hurt and many others were killed.

At the time, this wasn’t a regular occurrence, as it appears to be now, but nonetheless, it was upsetting. Carol and I were trying to decide whether to continue with our journey or not. We went back and forth about it, and many people told us not to go, and others were appalled when we decided to go anyway.

Our rationale at that time was now it’s going to be safer, there will be more security and now might be the best time to go. Air Travel to African SafariSo we did and it was! As I think back on it, I am so glad we went ahead and traveled on that journey.

It was a wonderful trip and we both have many fond memories of our first experience in Africa. We didn’t walk around thinking something might happen or even think about what had already happened, we were having too good a time to worry about anything else.

Recent events leave us on edge, me included. However, each time I travel to LAX(Los Angeles International Airport), it invokes the same feeling but I refuse to focus on the what if’s in life, I can only focus on the here and now!


  1. It’s definitely a concern these days. You could go to your local mall and get shot just as easily as fly overseas and be in the middle of a bombing.

    No, you can’t let the fear control your life, but at some point you’re the only person who can make the decision to travel or not. Personally, right now, I’d be fearful of traveling overseas – anywhere! Traveling in the states can be a challenge/concern as well.

    If only we had a crystal ball to tell us whether or not to get onto that airplane.

    Eydie 🙂

  2. I understand, but again, it’s been a concern since 911 and it gets worse every year, but I can’t sit around and wait to see where they will strike next. I just have to say a prayer everytime I go somewhere, and that could be just to Las Vegas….It’s mind blowing for sure.

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