African Safari: What does it Cost?

You’ve heard people talk of going on safaris. Maybe you have seen the old movies where someone goes on a safari. Oftentimes in the movies the person going is a wealthy person; sometimes they have a few natives carry their food, clothing and other necessities.


We also see these colorful lizards.

Well that’s the movies. Us ordinary folk don’t have the money, time, or luxury for such extravagance. But we can still enjoy one of the most exciting trips of our lives. Not only do we get to see the wild animals, up close and personal, but we too have some of that luxury the rich enjoy. We ride in jeeps or similar vehicles. We may sleep in tents, but they have beds, some of them even have bathrooms in them! We eat good food, we go to private reserves, and we often arrive close to our destination by airplane.

As far as the cost of a safari, it varies considerably. It depends on the country, the specific locations of the safari, the season, the accommodations, and who is sponsoring the tour, among other things. So there is no fixed price. A relatively safe range of prices might be from a few thousand dollars to ten – fifteen thousand dollars and up – the sky is the limit if you just want to throw around money.

Here is the actual cost and some of the other important information for one of my safaris; my African Dream Safari.

Check out the cost of this safari.

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