Leaving on African Safari to Namibia

Just a note here to say I am leaving May 1st on another African safari in Namibia. This is a special occasion for me because I have been wanting to go there for a while, but the situation was never right, with all my activities and other things I have going.

beautiful sand dunes in Namibia

Sand Dunes in Namibia

I will be gone approximately two weeks. This trip is a special trip for travel agents to get to know the area, the hotels, the tours, etc. so we can confidently recommend places and tours we have already been on. This is a big help for someone going on a safari, since there are a lot of variables already. Safari goers get much better service and learn the better places to go and things to do if their travel agent has been there.

Because I love going on safaris and have been on a lot of them I can confidently, with some authority, suggest the better places to go and stay. Be aware it’s not just the money you pay, since just like here (in the U.S.) and other places paying more does not always get you the best service.

There are few, if any places to contact people easily while on safari. I will answer any emails or phone calls when I return.

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