Tanzania Africa January 2009 Report


a monkey checking us out

Well, I’m back from the remote area I’d mentioned, which comprised Ruaha National Park and Selous Game Reserves. Soon to be published on this site are several articles I’ve written about the trip. It was spectacular, the terrain very different, the area so much larger, and the boating safari was simply amazing.

The bird sightings on this trip produced so many colorful birds that were unbelievable. The amount of crocs I saw was a ridiculously large number, as was the hippos that often surround us in those waters. As on most trips, there is so much to learn. On this one, on Bird Island, all the water birds congregate on one large bush to sleep for the night. So just before sun down, millions of birds are flying across the water to secure their space on this bush. They keep coming, and coming and coming until the bush is completely filled with white spots on the branch.

Since there are so many egrets, this seems to be the dominant color. They all vie for space and they all fight for the best space, pushing the ‘newbies’ out of the way for the more advanced, more seasoned birds. They have it all together, just imagine a group of people vying for the best spot in a parade. That’s what the birds do….and it is just an amazing sight.

The game sightings are also spectacular, simply an unusually large number of giraffe, everywhere giraffe, everywhere. I’ve never seen so many, ever. Curious giraffe, a journey (plural for more than one) of two or more, sometimes five, six, or even eight. Every turn in the landscape, more giraffe. Hippo too, more hippo than I’ve ever seen, both in and out of the water.

Even played a few games with them, trying to cross the water, while they made huge lines trying to keep us from crossing. If it wasn’t just a bit edgy because of their huge size, it might have been comical.

This is another safari I would love to go on again. Join me on one of my future trips back here.


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