Returned from Kenya Safari


The welcome tent

The welcome tent

Sunday November 29, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Most of you know I just returned from Kenya, only the day before Thanksgiving where I celebrated my birthday, along with my niece’s. I have taken a few images and put them in my album so you can peruse them at your leisure. There are over 2,000 pictures I took so of course, I only gave you a small sampling.

In some cases, I took photos where you can see just how close we were to the animals, and others, distance shots and then as we got closer. Most of you will probably think I zoomed in to get the really close up shots. While it is true, that I did zoom, I certainly did not full zoom on so many of the close ups. The animals were close enough to the vehicle to take some great close up shots. In other cases, due to the danger and not wanting to intimidate the animals, we had to maintain an adequate distance, as in those animals that are ‘eating’, as you well know.

There were only four of us on this safari and it took us to several camps, after a brief stay in Nairobi. After that we are adopted by the Maasai and Kikuyu tribes and Pat is Namayan, Cynthia is Nasha, Lorilie is Wangechi and Kay is Njeri (given this name in 1998 when I first went to Kenya with Carol, aka (Njoki).

Some of the photos are not yet captioned, so just enjoy them without any captions.


Namayan, Njeri, Nasha Wangechi - Kenya-09

Namayan, Njeri, Nasha Wangechi - Kenya-09

Our journey started with the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, where baby elephants (and sometimes older elephants), and baby rhinos are rescued in the wild and brought here for caring and rehabilitation. There are now 23 elephants, 5 having just been released. Everyone adopted an elephant (just $50.00 per year).

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